SquirrelTailgrass ©Catherine PawasaratI dream, I hope, I work, I love, I play, I dream, I eat.

These verbs are all about me. Working, hoping, dreaming, loving, eating all continue, even when there is no ‘me’. Who is this ‘me’? Or is it a what?

Is ‘me’ a person, a thing, an idea, a feeling? It’s all of these, except that it’s always moving, shifting, changing … and so it’s none of these!

But if ‘me’ is unsubstantial, moving and un-definable why do I worry so much about ‘me’?

Actually, we don’t worry about me so much, we worry about working, playing, hoping, dreaming and eating. If these things don’t make up a ‘me’, why do they get us so upset?

Awakening means seeing through this illusion of ‘me’. Awakening empowers us to see the play of the universe, in fact to join in the play of the universe. Maya illusion. When a dog looks in the mirror, it sees another dog. When we look in a mirror we don’t see another person; we see ourselves.

But which is the ‘real’ me? It depends upon which side of the mirror we are standing. Just ask Alice.

By Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat.