Spiritual Realization

Spiritual Realization

Indispensable & Immeasurable Gifts

There are three substances we could argue to be the most indispensable and immeasurable commodities on the planet, and they also happen to be free: love, sunlight and air. We’d add a fourth, less obvious one: enlightened consciousness, which could be considered a highly developed form of love.

Like sunlight and air, enlightened consciousness affects everything we do and how we do it, such as in the form of the role modeling, inspiration and comfort we draw from the examples of highly realized beings throughout history. Like the other items, spiritual realization is challenging to measure, and largely taken for granted, as we simply forget how important it is for us to flourish.

Spiritual Realization is Universal

Spiritual realization can happen anywhere, and it’s important that it does, since it’s indispensable everywhere! Teachings that we have trained in for the last two to three decades reflects this in its universalist approach: we draw on teachings of awakening from every tradition we encounter.

Onine Dharma CoursesIn order to develop ourselves as agents of a universal realization, we have intentionally removed the boundaries that would more conventionally define us and what we do. We don’t fit well into any particular category, because it’s important that we be able to fit into any category, to support spiritual unfoldment wherever we find ourselves or are called.

Role Model for Adapting to Change

Our root guru Namgyal Rinpoche once defined intelligence as “the speed and facility with which a being can adapt successfully to changing circumstances.”

Adaptability to change can be inherently challenging to measure with traditional metrics, yet both are increasingly important in our world.

As transformative change agents, how skilled are we at adapting to change? We may look to the sun, air, love and enlightened consciousness for inspiration.