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Digital Dojo: Spiritual Questions, Powerful Answers

April 4, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm MDT

Digital Dojo

Spiritual Questions, Powerful Answers

Training in Dharma is a process of question, learning and feedback – from your spiritual mentors as well as your community.  Together, we awaken, through call and answer and the dialogue of our inquisitive minds.

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Why the Digital Dojo?

Spiritual Questions, Powerful Answers

The ‘call and answer’ motif brings beauty to music and bird song. The same goes with the Teacher-Student relationship.  Asking questions to your teachers is a powerful and traditional method of learning in most spiritual traditions.

In Zen traditions, the teacher will also pose questions to the student, and this is often the case in our tradition.  There is usually no fixed answer to what you seek, only a better question.

What is the question behind the question? We encourage you to investigate, ponder, share what’s on your mind or what is challenging for you.  You might be surprised what you will discover.

And, through this ‘digital dojo’, we are also coming together in community. Our shared questions and reflections are a precious opportunity for deepened compassion and wisdom. You may discover that others share the same question as you, or better yet, learn the answers to questions you even never thought to ask. This ‘triple gem’ of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha is a tangible refuge to strengthen your awakening journey.

Not sure what to expect? You are welcome to attend as an observer and are not required to ask a question. Although participants are encouraged to bring questions, it is not mandatory. 

digital dojo
digital dojo

Meet the Teachers

Catherine Pawasarat
Catherine Pawasarat
Doug Duncan
Doug Duncan

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are Dharma and meditation teachers who founded Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC, Canada.

Achariya Doug Duncan received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 1978, and is a lineage holder in that teaching. Known for his direct, humourous and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces various traditions, contemporary psychology, and science, to mentor all beings to a more awakened state.

Catherine Pawasarat has trained daily with Acariya Doug Duncan since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. In addition to Buddhist philosophy and its applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living and the arts. With Doug she is co-founder of Clear Sky Retreat Center in the BC Rockies.

Session Details

Fees and Dāna

These sessions are offered based on the ancient principle of generosity, or Dāna.


To attend, you must register by the FRIDAY evening prior (9pm MST) to each Digital Dojo on Sunday. These Q&A sessions are typically held once a month, with the exception of when the Teachers are travelling or teaching another course.  

We recommend you attend live, but if you cannot, please submit your questions by email after registering. The video recording will be available for one week after the live session.

digital dojo question and answers
dharma community
Cheryl Bate

The anapanasati sutta created a deep, deep experience for me. I was finally able to understand the 16 steps and the 4 tetrads much much better. It’s a whole new world.

Cheryl Bate
Clinical Counsellor, Private Practise, Whistler, BC
Zoe Moores

I enjoyed reconnecting with my body, with nature and with joyful memories during the retreat. Some of this was inspired through the breathing practice, and some through searching for moments of piti which we could easily connect to. There was an easing during the retreat, as well as some moments of deep connection and understanding. This time, it was hearing spaciousness explained in a different way.

Zoe Moores
Translator, trainer, researcher
James Stewart

The breathing retreat was fantastic for me on so many levels! As my first retreat, it really taught how me to deepen my budding meditation practice. Catherine Sensei is warm, knowledgeable and led a wonderful course.

James Stewart
Dr. Duncan Cryle

Sensei, fresh from a 3 month retreat, gave beautiful, grounded and profound teachings on breathing practice. The retreat worked seamlessly between those of us with the fortune to be in person, and those joining online. Felt I could go very deep over the ten days with a transformative combination of a great teacher, a deep practice, a sincere group of co-retreatants, and 310 acres in the mountains!

Dr. Duncan Cryle
Ph.D IBM executive
Jonathan Clifford

Qapel and Sensei teach in a light but profound way – taking us on a brilliant journey of understanding with guile and humour.
Male and female perspectives help balance with differing approaches. Explaining a complex but genius system that holds all life understanding from religion, science, psychotherapy and wisdom traditions is not easy. I think Ken Wilber would have enjoyed it. 

Jonathan Clifford
Shiatsu, Qigong & Meditation Teacher


April 4, 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm MDT
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