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Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Ecological Restoration: A Buddhist Mystic Perspective

September 23, 2023 - September 24, 2023

Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Ecological Restoration

A Buddhist Mystic Perspective

What’s the connection between Buddhist-style enlightenment and the environment?

Join Catherine Pawasarat Sensei at the 39th annual Women & Spirituality Conference in Minnesota US, Sept 23-24th, 2023. She will be presenting on September 24th, 2:30pm Central Time.

Online or In-Person tickets to the conference are available.


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yeshe tsogyal

2023 Women & Spirituality Conference Presentation

Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Ecological Restoration: A Buddhist Mystic Perspective

with Catherine Pawasarat

Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Ecological Restoration: A Buddhist Mystic Perspective

What’s the connection between Buddhist-style enlightenment and the environment? The historical Buddha experienced enlightenment while sitting beneath a bodhi tree, while some Buddhist sects still emphasize the value of practicing in forests.

How does Buddhist enlightenment connect with healing, ecology, and nature mysticism? Other spiritual traditions?

Learn from Catherine Sensei’s experiences and have an opportunity to share your own in small groups.

Catherine Sensei will be at the conference the Women & Spirituality conference for the whole weekend, Sept 23-24th. She will be joined by Karen McAllister and Dan O’Brien, representing Clear Sky Meditation Centre. They will be at a combined Planet Dharma and Clear Sky Meditation Centre booth. Come say hi!

Presentation: Sunday 24th, 2:30-4pm (Central Daylight Saving Time).

How to attend: In Person Tickets and Online Tickets are available.

Green Tara, 21 Taras
Wood Lily Paramis Course

Meet the Teacher

Catherine Pawasarat Sensei
Catherine Pawasarat Sensei

Catherine Pawasarat was a student of metaphysics, Western spiritual traditions, and the ayahuasca sacraments in the 1990s. She worked as an advocacy photojournalist and studied traditional Japanese arts in Kyoto, Japan for 20 years.

Since 1998 she has trained daily with Buddhist teacher Achariya Doug Duncan in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that’s rare in the modern West. Transmitted from the remarkable Namgyal Rinpoche, they are both lineage holders of these teachings.

With Doug, she is co-founder and resident teacher at Clear Sky Retreat Center in the British Columbia Rockies. There Catherine has spearheaded an innovative and sustainability-oriented culture and organization. Together Doug and Catherine also teach through a virtual vehicle, Planet Dharma. In 2018 they wrote the best-selling book Wasteland to Pureland.

Catherine has recently written and published the first English guidebook to Kyoto’s famous Gion Festival, a gigantic collection of ancient and diverse spiritual rituals.

Catherine Pawasarat

About the Conference

This presentation by Catherine Pawasarat Sensei is part of the 39th Annual Women & Spirituality Conference in Rochester Minnesota, USA:

The Women and Spirituality Conference is a two day multi-faith gathering celebrating diversity, inclusion, spiritual experience and healing. Register now for two days of interactive, experiential workshops with our engaging leaders and speakers. We recognize differing learning styles and strive to make this conference accessible to all.

Visit the exhibitor / vendor area for more opportunities for healing, growth and personal illumination with our readers, healers and wellness team.


To attend, please register via the buttons below. The online option is $69 and the in-person ticket is $149 (USD). These tickets give access to the whole conference and speakers, including Catherine Sensei’s presentation. We also invite you to practice generosity, or Dāna  to Catherine Sensei directly here: Offer Dāna 

Green Tara Guided Meditation

by Catherine Pawasarat Sensei | Tantra Visualization

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Dan O’Brien

We are so blessed to have Sensei as one of the dedicated teachers at Clear Sky. I admire her continued commitment to helping us and others on the planet and I am awed by her abilities. Glad you are not hiding them under a basket. Thank you so much for the time you give so generously to talk, touch one on the shoulder, listen and speak truth.

Dan O'Brian
Dave Basu Roy

Sensei has an unwavering compassion and commitment to support and accelerate the unfoldment of all beings around her.
It is a blessing and a privilege to be one of the lucky few who can bask in the glow of this radiance.

Dave Basu Roy