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Dharma in the Stars

"It's written in the stars".  Join Catherine Sensei for a fascinating weekend of AstroDharma study.  Learn how to refer to your astrological natal chart as a soul map for this lifetime. This map can help give us clarity for our unique bodhisattva path.

As the Spirit Moves

Join Qapel for an eclectic weekend of dharma teachings, given in the spirit of Guru Yoga and inspired by the energies of whomever shows up.

Breathing 2.0 Meditation Retreat

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia, Canada

Gift yourself a ten day meditation retreat focused on breathing, with Catherine Pawasarat Sensei. This retreat takes you through the quintessential Theravadin Buddhist Anapanasati Sutta, a powerful meditation practice taught since the time of the historical Buddha.


Join us online for a fresh, invigorating dharma talk each month with Vajrayana teachers Qapel and Catherine Sensei.

Warriors of the Heart: The Bodhisattva Path (Online Course)

What is the Path or Way of the Bodhisattva? In this online course with Qapel and Sensei, we will explore Shantideva's guidance on the Bodhisttva's way of life.  And, most importantly we will explore the important question of how we might live as a true Warriors of the Heart today.

Five Stages of Emptiness

Embark on a transformative journey through the progressive stages of emptiness in this meditation retreat. Taught by Qapel and Catherine Sensei live at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, it is a chance to go deep. For those living further afield, it is possible to do this retreat streamed at your own retreat location.

AstroDharma Community Call

Join us for an AstroDharma community Q&A call, open to those who have previously or are currently studying AstroDharma with Catherine Sensei - especially for participants of the Online Self Study AstroDharma Course, or previous AstroDharma retreatants.