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Year of Pureland Program for Spiritual Awakening

“Why awaken?” may be the most important question a spiritual practitioner ever asks themself.  Join a group of dedicated practitioners in this year-long program that empowers and supports awakening in the modern age. Year of Pureland: Program for Spiritual Awakening   How do you deepen your spiritual practice amidst day-to-day demands? Enrich your journey to the Pureland in a program that will support and empower your practice, wherever you are on the path. Join our global community for a year of online courses, meditation retreats (at home or in person), and mentorship opportunities. The benefits for participants in our past year-long programs (the Year of Awakening, Year of Victory and Year of Joy have been very clear. For those who engaged in a committed way, this program has been a game-changer for their practice and dedication to the path. The growth we’ve seen in participants has been remarkable.   Meet the Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are Dharma and meditation teachers who founded Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC, Canada. Achariya Doug Duncan received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 1978, and is a lineage holder in that teaching. Known for his direct, humourous and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces various traditions, contemporary psychology, and science, to mentor all beings to a more awakened state. Catherine Pawasarat has trained daily with Acariya Doug Duncan since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. In addition to […]

Insight Meditation Retreat

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

Why do we lose bliss? How do we regain it? By popular demand, Planet Dharma is offering this ten-day insight retreat at the beautiful and innovative Clear Sky Retreat Center. Insight Meditation Retreat Most think of meditation as a sense of calm and concentration that leads to bliss. But, bliss is impermanent and subject to loss. How do we lose bliss? How to we regain it? Through studying insight we realize that the self that searches for bliss and that this search is itself the root, source and continuance of the struggle. The path of insight leads us to the realization that there’s no inherent, independent, self identity to be found. This is called liberation, awakening, freedom. And it's just a good idea.    Why Study Insight? The Benefits of an Insight Retreat March 15-24, 2019 Insight is the practice of watching the arisings and falling away of phenomena in the mind. “Insight” comes from the Pali “Vipassana” which means “to see again and again;” we use the 16 Stages of Insight to become sleuths of patterns of the mind. Most people live in the first three stages of insight; when you experience the fourth, it’s considered that you’ve entered “the path to the path” of awakening. Experiencing stages from four to thirteen can be a bit like a yo-yo: we go up and down repeatedly in our meditation. Then we have a breakthrough experience of sotāpanna at the 14th stage, when we experience that there is no inherent self. […]

Golden & Dark Shadows: A Shadow Work Retreat

Mountain Waters Retreat 2109 Svaboda Road, Nelson, BC

Integrating our shadow may be the fastest way to unfold spiritually, and reduce our suffering. By its very nature, shadow work is not fun or pretty. It takes courage and fortitude. Join us for this incredible retreat. Golden and Dark Shadows A Shadow Work Retreat Join Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat at the Mountain Waters Retreat in Nelson BC for this powerful May long weekend shadow retreat. Most people are drawn to meditation and mindfulness for the bliss experiences. These bliss experiences spur on beginning meditators to stay with the practice. But as the practice of meditation deepens, darker arisings can start to manifest. Rather than being discouraged by these experiences, it is helpful to see this as an opportunity to integrate these dark shadows into conscious awareness so that we may be free of their control. Why Integrate the Shadow? The Benefits of this retreat in Nelson, BC May 17-20, 2019 Why work with the shadow? If you’ve had these challenging arisings during your practice, you may have been tempted to quit meditating, or try a different method or a different teacher. This is understandable, as facing these dark shadows can be scary and unpleasant. However, if you can lean into these dark manifestations and hold the space openly around them, there can be great release and transformation. Recognizing the contribution of the golden shadow – our ‘better angels’ – also helps ensure the practice stays joyful and doesn’t descend into nihilism. Please note that this retreat  welcomes people […]

Black Tara Empowerment

Mountain Waters Retreat 2109 Svaboda Road, Nelson, BC

Black Tara Empowerment on May 20, 2019. Tara supports us as we transcend unwholesome states and integrate psychological shadow material. Join the Lamas for this special initiation ceremony in Nelson BC.

Buddhas in Action: Awakening in Daily Life

This active retreat gives you the building blocks to apply awareness, compassion, wisdom, and strength to each moment. The result is greater fulfillment amid daily life and meaningful connection with others and the world around you.

Green Tara Empowerment

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

We invite you to participate in this Green Tara empowerment - so that you can call on and embody the archetype of courageous compassion in your life.

Sengema Empowerment

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

In this initiation, Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat will share the fierce dakini archetype, in the form of Sengema (Skt. Siṃhamukhā) – the Lion Faced Dakini. This empowerment is by permission only.

Becoming a Work of Art: Dharma Foundations Retreat

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

What are qualities that we can grow to feel internally grounded and to act from a positive, wholesome place in our relationships with others? Discover the Six Perfections, or Paramis, at this Dharma Foundations Retreat.Becoming a Work of Art - Dharma Foundations Retreat During this retreat, we will study six aspects of consciousness that we may cultivate to become our own inner and outer works of art. These six aspects are called the paramis in Sanskrit, and have been taught in the buddhadharma for more than two thousand years.Why Take Becoming a Work of Art An Essential Dharma Foundations Retreat October 11-13, 2019  Why Become a Work of Art?Would you rather create one work of art or become a work of art? Our Teacher Namgyal Rinpoche said that it is "better to be a work of art than make a work of art".  In a culture that values external achievements, we often forget the hidden gem inside us. This gem creates bliss, wisdom, and radiance, and it is fiercely worth growing. Let your internal works of art flourish during our foundational three-day retreat.  Why Study the Paramis, the PerfectionsIs the Buddhist body of practice or philosophical canon somewhat new to you? If so, this course will provide you with fundamental resources around which to develop a practice for the rest of your life. Every meditative practice in our tradition, at some point, comes back to the Paramis, also known as the six perfections. These form a flawless path that carries us straight […]

Wasteland to Pureland Retreat in Germany 2019

with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat What are qualities that we can grow to feel internally grounded and to act from a positive, wholesome place in our relationships with others? Discover the journey from Wasteland to Pureland in this meditation retreat in Seidenbuch, Germany.Wasteland to Pureland Retreat   This retreat will be held in the heart of Germany, in Seidenbuch, 60km from Frankfurt and Heidelburg. This is your opportunity to meet and study with Dharma Teachers and Spiritual Mentors, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. They will teaching from awakening principles in their cutting edge new book, Wasteland to Pureland.Why the Wasteland to Pureland Retreat? An Eight Day Retreat in Germany October 17-25, 2019 There is an awakening experience that is vast and beyond words. The path beckons. Are you ready? Why Wasteland to PurelandWasteland to Pureland is a retreat for those wanting to walk a path to increase clarity of heart and mind, and experience greater freedom and fulfillment in life. This is the journey that leads to a state of ultimate care for others as well as oneself. Grounded in the belief that awakening is available to everyone, Doug & Catherine teach us how to reunite with our gifts, to become agents of compassion and transformation, personally, interpersonally and globally. The spiritual path teaches us to access bliss and insight, and to decrease suffering and ignorance. That’s why a healthy spiritual path feels so rich, wonder-filled and generally happy. The Great Happiness arises when bliss and insight come together […]

Six Yogas of Naropa Retreat 2019

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

The final exploration in our three-part series, this two-week retreat focuses on Bardo Yoga and Transference of Consciousness Yoga.Six Yogas of Naropa Bardo Yoga There are six bardos, yet you only encounter four during your lifetime. Bardo Yoga is the yoga of the intermediate or liminal state. As it includes aspects of illusory body yoga and dream yoga, it’s recommended that participants have done both of those practices.  Transference of Consciousness Yoga Transference of Consciousness Yoga practice helps us prepare for when consciousness leaves this organism at the time of death. Practices include dissolving the sufferings of the six realms into a bindu which travels upwards in the central channel. Also called the yoga of changing places, this yoga speaks to other worlds and maintaining the light of sleep (as in lucid dreaming) or the light after death. As in other yogas, its successful practice relies on practicing the Paramis.  About the 2019 Six Yogas of Naropa Retreat Bardo Yoga and Transference of Consciousness Yoga December 6-22, 2019The Six Yogas of Naropa are one of the central practices of the Tibetan Kagyu lineage, to which we belong. These practices form a path to freedom through the development of deep understanding into the way things and formations arise and pass away. Meanwhile, the teachings are grounded in the deep understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of Tantra. PREREQUISITES: Who can attend this retreat? This retreat requires the following three pre-requisites: 1 million Chenrezig mantras completed. 100,000 long Vajrasattva mantras completed 100,000 […]