Human Consciousness is a Palace

Human Consciousness is Vast

What is the most salient fact of your existence?

You are “Conscious”. This is what makes you a human being.

You are a human being because you are conscious.

There is this huge palace sitting on top of you – the human potential for conscious exploration of the universe – inner and outer. And there are vast experiences available to you. Most people don’t get much past the basement of socialisation, your cultural conditioning.

All that is Available to You

There are dimensions beyond dimensions. Eleven dimensions in physics is just the beginning of the possibilities. There are huge explorations that human consciousness can entertain or experience directly. But most people never leave the basement! Why? Because you are conditioned not to leave the basement. It is as simple as that.

Your human consciousness is a vast potential. If you want, it is a huge computer, or a huge generating plant, and you are using 1 tenth of 1% of the energy available to it. And that there are experiences that are not only blissful but peaceful, invigorating, calm, powerful and amazing. All these are available to you.

“Your human consciousness is vast. You have to make some effort to get out of the little room that you are in.”

Leaving the Basement

Imagine being given the keys to a palace and not leaving the basement. If we gave you the keys to Buckingham Palace and there was a little closet in the corner with a TV, some books and a radio and you had this huge palace to explore, how long do you think it would take you to go down the hall and be checking things out? How long would it take you?

How long would it take you to get out of the room to check it out? You would be out in 15 minutes, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you be going down all the halls to check it out and into all the rooms and opening all the doors etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? Sure you would.

The Keys to the Palace: Meditation

Your human consciousness is vast. It is much bigger that you give it credit for, but in order to explore it you need some keys. There are just certain rooms you can’t get into, by staying in the little room that you are conditioned to stay in.

In order to have access to these new rooms, these different aspects of the palace, you have to make some effort to get out of the little room that you are in. That is the process of meditation.

This process is easily learnable. It doesn’t cost you any money. None, zero. But it does take something that nobody can give to you: you have to do it for yourself.

The Leap of Faith

To make that spiritual journey of meditation you need the journey of faith. You need to have the faith that there is a palace above your head!

So, the possibility of exploring the rest of the palace requires your first and foremost step: it is called “the leap of faith.” You don’t have to believe in Jesus, you don’t have to believe in Buddha, you don’t even have to believe in God. All you have to believe is that there is an experience available to you called “liberation:” Christ consciousness, Buddha nature, whatever you want to call it.

It doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free, but it requires you learning how to get the consciousness out of the basement. Not because the basement is bad. There is nothing wrong with the basement. It is just that the basement is limiting and the human consciousness always wants to grow.

The foundation of conscious community is conscious, loving relationships between individuals.

Your relationships can keep you spinning in the same cycles—or, like anything else, you can use them as a vehicle for liberation. And, you can choose to do this together.

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