Astro Dharma: Key parts of your astrology chart for relationships

In this video, Dharma Teacher Catherine Pawasarat Sensei shares some Astro Dharma (dharma and astrology) tips for relationships. How can you use astrology to aid in your practice of Dharma and awakening? What are your styles of relating with your partner(s)?  By becoming aware of key elements or patterns you can have more freedom and understanding in your relationships.

Catherine explains the key elements in your natal astrology chart that will give you clues on what you value and how you function in relationship.  Watch the video to hear more about the following important aspects:

  • The Moon – How we feel nurtured, our feelings, our body.
  • Venus – what we value, what we find important and attractive.
  • Mars – Our image of masculine energy.
  • Seventh House – What we tend to ‘outsource’ or rely on from our partners to fulfill for us.
  • Mercury and the Third House- communication styles

Watch the video:

If you do not have an astrology chart, you can get a free chart reading on You will need your birth day, time and place.

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