This video was filmed live on April 11, 2016, at Watkins Books, London’s oldest esoteric book store.

With an eclectic approach and eccentric sense of humour, Doug Duncan Sensei shares some teachings based loosely on the Buddha’s fire sermon. In this discourse, the Buddha compares the process of spiritual awakening to liberating people struggling uncomfortably in a burning house while preoccupied with their toys (we’re not making this up!).

In an attempt to lure these endangered souls out of the fire and into safety, he first offered them freedom from fire. Apparently the toys were more engrossing, so the Buddha used ‘skillful methods’ to save them: he offered them even more wonderful toys outside with him, free from the fire and associated danger.

The present – the here-and-now – is a wonderful toy. But we have to get out of the burning house to untie the ribbon, tear off the pretty paper, and open the box! Doug shares how we can do this, and enjoy doing it, during our busy modern lives. Nothing less than spiritual awakening is the inevitable result.

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