At some point every serious spiritual seeker asks the profound question: how does true transformative change come about? In this video, Doug Duncan Sensei shares how we need to begin with structural change at the core of our being.

This is an excerpt from teachings (based on the The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge) during a 2011 retreat at our innovative retreat center in the British Columbia Rocky Mountains, Clear Sky.

When we meditate, we don’t just sit there: we use meditation practices to start the process of core change.  Meditation reveals the underlying structures and behaviors of our ego patterns. For change to actually happen, it is not enough to just see the patterns. We need to further examine, study and then actually change our behavior to something more supportive of our own spiritual unfoldment.

Through this behavioral change we form a new structure within our being: one of clarity, non clinging awareness, compassion and loving kindness. We also foster a greater ability to live, work and play well with others. Greater happiness (for everyone) is the natural byproduct.

Watch the video:

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