In the normal course of events, we rely on what we already know and have done. However, living based on security can get stale and repetitive. When we choose the risk of spiritual adventure and growth, vitality comes with new learning.  From this emerges awe and wonder. The body, our emotions (in Buddhist philosophy these are included under speech, as in, expression) and the mind are our fields of engagement. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (see retreat) can be the tools we use to lead us into a greater sense of largesse in our lives.

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Reliable, Sustainable & Sequential Paths and Practices are Keys to Spiritual Integration

We may sometimes feel we don’t have the time or resources to fully develop ourselves as spiritual beings. We can feel inundated by offers and demands on our time and other resources. The variety of choices and options available can be overwhelming. Many courses or programs can give us a great influx of bliss, but may not last once we return to our daily lives’ routine. So it’s important to have practices and paths to engage in our daily lives that are reliable, sustainable, effective and–most importantly–build upon each other. Integration is key! Integration requires balance between active and passive, explorative and reflective, and creative and stable.


The Buddhists use the Seven Factors of Awakening to elucidate this point. We can apply these seven factors to our bodies, our feelings, our mental states and our thoughts and ideas. In this form they’re usually known as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Living life abundantly is a state of mind and a choice. If we throw ourselves into the spiritual adventure of resting in spaciousness with attentiveness, we engage with the vast mystery of life. Then we’ll find that our former pursuit of security feels meager and dull. Instead, with a bit of effort, the material aspects of our life come together in much better and more inspired and magical ways.

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