Why have a spiritual practice?

It is to discover what human consciousness is capable of.

The Purpose of Spiritual Practice:

Why bother, why meditate, train and devote your life to spiritual growth? In this video, Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat answer a question posed to them – ‘what is the purpose of spiritual practice?’.

They explain why a better question to ask is actually, “What is human consciousness capable of?” Learning how to discover this capacity of consciousness is in fact the true purpose of spiritual practice. They describe how it is not necessarily to ‘fix’ yourself or the world. It’s not about removing your anxiety or depression, although that will be a result.

Watch the video:

Firstly, there is no difference between the spiritual and the material worlds.  As we embark on spiritual practice, we get to explore both the inner and the outer.

Our fascination with fixing the world and all our problems is a mistake. While improving the world is a good thing, of course, fundamentally, spiritual practice is designed to teach us how to explore the universe and consciousness, and to benefit others while doing that.  As we develop our spiritual practice, the alleviation of suffering, anxiety and depression will follow naturally.  We are in a better space collectively to tackle the world’s problems such as sexism, racism, ‘species-ism’.

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