Video: What is Awakening Community?

Video: What is Awakening Community?

By on February 24th, 2014

In this video, Catherine Pawasarat discusses the continually-evolving nature of awakening. She introduces the idea of the ‘Virtual Monastery’ as a model for facilitating the process of deepening our awakening at times when we are unable to be present with...

Basic Trust in the Universe

By on October 19th, 2013

Spiritual awakening requires becoming aware of the ego structure The first step in spiritual awakening is becoming aware of our ego structure — actually perceiving the particular beliefs and images that we have identified with and taken to be true — then...

Why Practice the Paramis? (Part 1 of 2)

By on August 23rd, 2013

The paramis are qualities of character or “perfections” of heart and mind that can be developed to support the path of awakening–practices that develop wholesome activity, growth, and enlightenment. “It is so clear that the Teaching is the only...