Video on Mantra to overcome negative thoughts

This video of Doug & Catherine Sensei describes how to use mantra to overcome negative thoughts.  It was filmed live during a public talk on April 20, 2017, at Watkins Books in London.

When we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts, how can we move through them?  The purpose of mantra is to occupy our senses, our speech, our mind. This gives a full sensory experience that activates our ability to function more fully.  If you have a mantra going, it is harder for the negative thoughts to come in.  The mantra replaces the habitual mind.

The thoughts, feelings and sensations that occupy our mind are like ‘clothing’. By taking off the clothing, we are not abandoning the core of our being which is ‘naked’. So changing our clothes doesn’t mean we are rejecting or abandoning ourselves, it implies that we get to choose what clothes we want to wear, ie. what thoughts and feelings we are going to ‘put on’, on top of the ‘naked mind’.

Watch this video to hear the talk:

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