Doug Duncan (Qapel) and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei giving a talk about Tantra at Watkins Books in London on May 3, 2017

What is tantra?  How does it work?

In this video, Doug & Catherine share their perspectives on tantra as a meditation practice.  If you dip a brush in red ink, it comes out red.  So too, if we practice tantric archetypes we are exchanging our habitual behaviors with clearer, more compassionate patterns.

Tantra teaches us how to meet our ego’s deepest fears.  By doing so we also liberate the lower chakras, and grow into our higher chakras.  We move from tribal consciousness into planetary consciousness.  Gender issues also fall away, and are seen as arbitrary.

Doug & Catherine explain how tantra is a centuries old meditative technology you can apply over and over again.  With practice, the ego learns to put down protectionism and hurt and opens to surrender.  From this a new structure, a new being emerges and the old, unconscious and habitual is deconstructed.


Watch this video to hear the talk:

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