Why go beyond mindfulness, to meditation? What is the difference between the two?  While they may be related, they are not the same thing.

In this talk, Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat speak about the differences and advantages of meditation and formal retreat.

With mindfulness, the ego still remains in place. With meditation you witness the mind that witnesses the phenomenon.  Meditation goes beyond mindfulness and gives you the chance to move beyond the ego itself.

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Going Deeper: Beyond Mindfulness to Meditation

What is Mindfulness?  What is Meditation?

Mindfulness, as the word is commonly used today, is basically awareness of what is happening to you in your outer environment.  For example, attentively picking up your cup, mindfully taking a sip, with awareness and concentration.

In contrast, meditation is what you are aware of inside yourself. When one stands back from the sensory data (of mindfulness) and goes “inside” (in meditation) it is possible to see how one experiences what one is aware of.

To be aware of “the thing that is aware” is meditation.

Meditation also gives us better contact with spaciousness and unity.  With meditation one meets the fears of abandonment and annihilation, by looking inside to see how the ego works. We see that the ego works so hard to be in control of the game of “me”.

Meditation Retreats Give Access to Deeper States

Because our lives are full, we might practice mindfulness throughout the day, but not take the time to meditate formally or do retreats.

However, there are certain states arising from bliss and insight only accessible during longer meditation retreats. That access to bliss and insight nourishes and enriches life.

In retreat, we start to develop concentration, calm and surrender.  And blissful states are available to those who surrender. Why settle for less?

Meditation Helps Us See Our Blocks

The only person we can change is our self (or more accurately our non-self.) We need to understand what we are bringing to each situation with others. By meditating we can see blocks more clearly, and choose to manifest in different ways.

Choice brings freedom.

Dwelling in peaceful clarity, as a result of meditation, we go back to the world and share our good state with others. This is an act of compassion.

Then, by creating an interface between meditation, karma yoga, spiritual study and shadow work, we are able to form community and meet life more fully.

The Year of Meditation for the Planet Dharma Community

In April 2020 there is a two week meditation retreat on the 16 stages of Insight, which explores in detail the map of consciousness.

The motivation of a long retreat is to be more awake and to be of better service to the world.

Meditation is not an escape, and it is not rehab.

Healing, and lowering stress are side benefits of meditation, but not the core aim.

The end goal is the alleviation of suffering, which heals the planet.

You can start with yourself, and meditation.

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Mastering the Sixteen Stages of Insight Meditation Retreat

April 10-24, 2020

To register or learn more about the retreat, click here: Insight Meditation Retreat

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