Mystical Life Complete View samma ditthiWe live in an amazing world of mystery. A life lived in the awareness and wonder of this is the Mystical Life. In a sense it is occult, since “occult” means “hidden.”

Right view is the perspective and understanding that we live in a divine mystery.  It is learning to think, feel and act in accord with the realization that everything is impermanent, that all things are born and die … except the spaciousness and the nature of this spaciousness, which is divine, radiant and eternally alive.

With this understanding we learn to be loving and appreciative of the magic of life. We naturally learn to be compassionate, since all of life is temporary and should thus be seen as precious. Anything precious is rare, and this life–so miniscule in our vast universe–seems rare indeed.

We may do our best to be mindful, lead a healthy life, and to be helpful to others. It’s essential however that the right view or complete view come first. Just as taking our mind off the golf ball for a moment results in a slice, or a moment of inattentiveness results in our horse drifting out of line, so our complete view must be well developed and focused on in order for our awakening life–our mystical life–to naturally follow.

It’s a complicated and stressful world for many. Too often we are so caught up in the struggle for connection and safety that we forget to have a vision about what our life could be.

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Our upcoming webinar series on The Mystical Life: Right View address these issues directly offering practical and applicable understandings that can be applied to our daily lives, work and relationships. The apparent split between our daily lives and our spiritual lives will be diminished if not eradicated through the application of what you learn in these webinars.

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Life is precious and fleeting. We can’t hang on to anything for very long, so we joyfully welcome you to share in our explorations and discoveries. We know that you’ll find our combined 60+ years of exposure to diverse aspects of spiritual awakening and our particularly modern approach interesting and rewarding. We invite you to join us to experience more of the mystical life together, and to take it home with you to continue to enjoy and share with those around you.

Golf Meditation Horse Riding–Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

(a.k.a. Karma Chorpel Tashi and Karma Yeshe Trenpa)

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