Positivity for better world

Feeding Positivity in a World of Negativity

With all the negativity in our ‘crisis news network’ style culture, it can be hard to stay positive. If we’re eating a lot of negativity in the news, on social media, in entertainment, then that’s what we become. Luckily it’s in our human nature to magnetize to positivity, and run from negativity.

It’s really hard to go against the grain,to be positive, when the general ethic in society is negative.

What can we do to become a positive force of engagement in the world? Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat share how we can develop the qualities of strength, concentration and energy (the paramis). They describe how we can also become a source of our own small changes wherever we are.

We are the only person we can really change, so we just need to do our best and spend as much time around other people who are also doing their best. Positivity and goodness for a better world will grow from there.

If you’d like to develop greater strength, concentration and energy, come to the 2018 paramis retreat.

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