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Japan Meditation Retreat on Huayan (Flower Garland Sutra)

Zofukuji Temple Miki City, Hyogo

Experience the roots of East Asian Buddhist teachings with a ten day meditation retreat in Japan. Doug & Catherine Sensei will be teaching on the profound Flower Garland sutra as the focus for this meditation retreat.

Germany Retreat: Womb, Karma & Transcendence

Join Doug & Catherine Sensei and the Dharma Europe community for this exciting and beneficial retreat on Womb, Karma and Transcendence. The retreat will be held just outside of Frankfurt, Germany (Seidenbuch (Odw)).

Introduction to Tantra Retreat in the UK

Maitreya House Lower Maes-coed, Hereford, England

UK Meditation Retreat: An Introduction To Tantra Conquering fear, discovering the freedom to love and explore… Meditation Retreat Location: Maitreya House, Herefordshire, UK This week-long retreat in rural England will be an opportunity for you to delve into the Buddhist tantric tradition with Tantra Masters Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. Tantra is a weaving of a clear mind and a blissful heart and the image often used to portray the metaphor of these dualities of consciousness is the dance of male/female in union. It is a method for exploring the relationship between our inner mental workings and our outer contact with the everyday world. We will learn how our fears can be harnessed to become a tool for overcoming the anxieties we experience in daily life. The retreat will enable us to develop trust and confidence that conquers fear and establishes freedom to love and explore. The retreat begins with a 21 Tara empowerment in Tibetan tradition, which lays the foundations of the practice. Throughout the week there will be opportunities to develop this practice with guidance through classes, activities and meditation. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced practitioner, the week promises to be a deep and transformative one. This meditation retreat is for people who:   Are new to meditation   Already meditate   Want to go deeper into their meditation practice   Want to find out what tantra is all about   Want to develop their tantric practice through the 21 Taras Want to empower […]

Becoming a Work of Art: May Long Weekend Retreat at Clear Sky

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

This is weekend course helps you get rooted in six timeless and universal principles that takes you 'beyond happiness'. The retreat will be led by Doug and Catherine Sensei and held at beautiful Clear Sky Center in BC, Canada.

Foundations of Tantra Retreat, Ontario

Dharma Centre of Canada 1886 Galway Road, Kinmount, , ON

This week-long retreat at the beautiful and historic Dharma Centre (in Kinmount Ontario) will be an opportunity for you to delve into the Buddhist tantric tradition with Tantra Master Doug Duncan.

Summer Retreat: Buddhas in Action

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

We all need to earn a living and deal with day-to-day pressures, so why not use contemporary spiritual practices at work to feel fulfilled while doing so? Invest in your growth and unfoldment with Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat this summer. This two week or one week retreat helps you bring awareness, growth and awakening into your work and day to day life.

Retreat: The Six Yogas of Naropa

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

This retreat on the Six Yogas of Naropa with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat will be held at Clear Sky Center, in BC.

Year of Joy – 2018 Program for Spiritual Awakening

Year of Joy: 2018 Program for Spiritual Awakening How would you like to spend the year cultivating joy? Alas, one can’t awaken from a state of bliss. But it provides the juice to continue deepening our practice of insight. And it feels fantastic. Most of all, joy is a natural and essential component of the awakening mind. Besides cultivating joy, the aim of this year-long program is to support beings to awaken joyfully in this very lifetime. On y va! Vamos! 行きましょう! Embora gente! To us, the teachers, the benefits for participants in the past two year-long programs (the Year of Awakening and Year of Victory) have been very clear. They have been a game-changer in the practice and dedication to the path for people who've engaged in a committed way. The growth we’ve seen in participants has been remarkable. About the Program Teachers: Combined, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat have been teaching, practicing and living spiritual awakening for more than 60 years. They’re well versed in Buddhist and Western philosophy and practices, as well as contemporary psychology, consciousness studies and art. Since Doug and Catherine have lived and traveled extensively overseas, they also draw on inter- and transcultural experiences. This helps broaden the range and depth of their understandings of spiritual awakening and liberation to an experience that knows no country. To implement these teachings and experiences in the world, they founded the beautiful and innovative Clear Sky Meditation Centre in BC in 2005. Their engaged compassion, sense of humor, adventurousness and combined […]

Meditation Retreat: Becoming a Work of Art

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

Is the Buddhist body of practice somewhat new to you? If so, this Easter long weekend meditation retreat provides fundamental resources to develop a practice for the rest of your life. (Early Bird Special until February 27th.)

Meditation Retreat: Body of Truth & Star Group

Clear Sky Meditation & Study Centre 3567 Cockell Rd, Bull River, British Columbia

Strengthening your abilities to creatively visualize at this Retreat at Clear Sky Center. Visualization give you greater power to interrupt negative arisings. What's more, you acquire skills to imagine new and more diverse positive (joyful) arisings. (*Early Bird Special until April 10th, 2018*)